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Direct Marketing Services

If you want to get a message right into the hands of your target audience, look no further than our direct marketing services. Direct marketing is one of the most cost-effective and successful strategies you can have in your arsenal, and we are one of the best at ensuring it hits its target.

Why direct marketing

Direct marketing has been around since before we were all born and it still produces fantastic results for businesses today. Why? Simply put, it works. From brochures and newsletters to postcards and catalogues, direct marketing is a constant in all of our lives. Did you know that over 70% of people set time aside it to read their direct mail every day? Direct marketing services can deliver excellent return on investment by driving sales through measurable response.

What’s the key to great direct marketing?

Setting a realistic end goal: This will ensure that whatever your campaign is and entails, a return of investment will be more likely. Defining your target market: Knowing who your brand are targeting, and for what purpose will make sure that you have the best chance to hook the consumer. Crafting an eye catching product: To make sure your brand doesn’t go unnoticed by the consumer you won’t have to go much further than our highly talented team. Promoting and capitalising on your call-to-action: Giving the consumer a reason to engage with your brand is the key to eliciting a response, and our expert team is here to advise you how.

Direct marketing services from Stray Dog

From strategy to data management, creative direction to print solutions, we deliver direct marketing services with one goal in mind: increasing your return on investment. Our biggest strength is the experience and expertise of our people. It’s the people at Stray Dog who help businesses like yours improve response, increase efficiency and maximise results. We strive to uphold our success rates when it comes to our direct marketing services, and we believe our extensive list of satisfied clients stands testament to that success. Our creative agency can handle all elements of your direct marketing, and can also offer other services such as graphic design, copywriting, finished art to even retrofitting and designing your brand identity. From concept to courier, let us guide you through every step of the way. All you have to do is contact us to see how we can do it for your business.