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Finished Art

Sometimes you have something already created and you’re all ready to get it out the door. With our finished art services we can help you put the finishing touches to it to ensure it arrives at your printers, partners or production house just the way you want it.

What is finished art?

Finished art involves translating rough designs or drawings prepared by graphic designers into formal art work, ready for reproduction onto different materials. Finished artists fine-tune the structure and layout of images and text for both printed and online media. This can include flyers, brochures, magazines, e-books and posters. The process involves taking various elements and laying it out with attractive typefaces and layout techniques.

Our approach to finished art

We’ll make sure that your print files conform to the technical requirements of the production process. We’ll add the finishing touches and polish your files in collaboration with your graphic designer. Leave the nitty gritty technical issues up to us, so your designer can focus on the creative aspects. We’ll process the print PDF files to recognised standards to ensure uniformity of results from print job to print job. From profiling and trapping, to trims and impositions, we’ve got it covered.

Why Choose Stray Dog

At Stray Dog, our approach to finished art is all about speed, accuracy and attention to detail. Whether it’s transforming scribbles, finalising brand guidelines, or designing mock-ups for presentations and photography, when it comes to finished art, we can do it all. Our creative agency utilises the latest technology combined with some of the country’s best creatives, meaning you’re in very safe hands indeed! We have extensive industry experience, not only in finished art, but in graphic design as a whole, giving you access to a full spectrum of creative expertise. Anxious about demanding deadlines? No problem. We can manage any project, no matter the size or complexity. Our staff are your team and they’ll always go above and beyond to deliver brilliant finished art work for you, how and when you need it.