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Property Brochure Design

The primary challenge when marketing properties is persuading a potential house hunter through the gates. This is where elegant property brochure design comes in. Even amidst the digital age there is still nothing quite like holding a professionally designed brochure in your hands and enjoying the imagery combined with a classy finish. When a customer views a property for the first time, it should tie in with their vision of their ideal home. Just as each property development is different, so should its brochure. Through a blend of skillful photography and beautiful design, each room should jump out from the page and entice the reader to experience the environment for themselves. Once this is achieved, you’re well on your way to a sale.

Brochure design and print under one roof

Here at Stray Dog, a huge portion of our work and expertise involves property brochure design for a wide range of property businesses. From the largest firms like Sherry Fitzgerald, to one-off prospective enterprises like The Ballsbridge Project, we design, print, bind and distribute work that our clients buy from us, because they know it will make their clients buy from them. We work in tandem with each client to understand their unique selling points, brand identity and the aims of their campaign. Our creative agency team work under the same roof as our print team, so you won’t need to deal with several companies to deliver your property campaign.

Property brochure design at its finest

Selling homes is such a competitive business that you simply can’t afford to be like ‘everyone else’. It takes skill to enthuse, convince and attract prospects towards purchase. Our team are entirely focused on this through designing exquisite property brochures that help you sell. We have the know-how to help your property stand out from the crowd and give your campaign the greatest chance of success. Our expertise can mean the difference between a property brochure design that doesn’t cut the mustard, and one that exceeds all expectations and delivers real results. From coffee-table style brochures to standard A4 designs, we will produce a property brochure design you can truly be proud of, showcasing your product just how you want it to.