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3 Simple and Easy Property Brochure Design Tips

Property brochures are central to the promotion of a commercial or residential property development. Your prospect will most certainly be considering multiple properties at once, so how do you convince them that your offering is the real deal? Follow these three property brochure design tips to outclass and outshine the competition.

3 tips to creating a winning property brochure design

High quality imagery

When it comes to property brochure design tips, investing in striking photography services should be top of your priorities. Your imagery is a critical opportunity to convey everything that’s great about your development or property. It should jump out from the page and encourage the reader to experience the environment in person. Get this right, and you’re well on your way to winning brochure design.

Communicate your key proposition

This applies to both residential and commercial property brochures: get your marketing thinking cap on! What is the single most important benefit or unique selling point you want to put across for the development or property? Your USP needs to be communicated clearly on the front cover; this is the key to engaging the reader and convincing them to read on.

Invest in quality design and production

Aim for consistency in your graphic design with the real-life look and feel of the property or development. Working on a luxury residential complex in an affluent part of town? You can bet your bottom dollar that a run-of-the-mill design on an average quality brochure will do you more harm than good. You won’t cut corners in your sales pitch, so don’t do it in your brochure!

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