Can My Business Benefit From Direct Marketing Services?

Can My Business Benefit From Direct Marketing?

1.) What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is a very targeted form of marketing that makes direct contact with a customer or a potential customer, using a printed or digital version of marketing content.  Direct marketing services clearly identifies the specific target market and customises a message that will create the highest chance for that person to become interested in your brand and convert their interest into becoming a paying customer that drives your profit margin. There are two main types of direct marketing approaches, one is in a digital format and the other is in a printed format.  Both types work to complement each other but it is worth spending some time considering what percentage of your direct marketing spend should go on either digital or print, direct marketing.  The nature of your business and the type of people you are trying to target will determine this.  The key to direct marketing services is to customise your brand message to each specific segments of the market, in the most effective way possible.  In order to achieve this, you need to fully analyse the market and to correctly categorise and investigate each segment of your target audience based on a set of criteria matched with their demographics and interests.  A direct marketing professional can best advise you on this.

2.) Target Segmentation

With current technology there are so many cutting edge ways to analyse and harvest data using behavioural data and insights gathered from many other channels.  This information then is turned into a very detailed market segmentation to offer compelling deals and propositions that will enhance conversions and sales. Once you have categorised your target audience you need specific marketing messages to each segment of the market.  A direct marketing services professional can assist you in this and design both the visual and written content of your message, to best optimise the probability of the person you target to become a frequent paying customer.  The quality of delivery and the design of the marketed material is crucial to enhancing the chances of the person you are targeting, to become interested in your message and to buy into your brand.

3.) Creating the Right Content

Ideally you should aim that the first introduction of your brand creates a memorable and positive reaction in the potential customer.  There are many creative ways to achieve this from eye catching infographics, strong visual photography, strong font with the right message, attractive and easy to read content, with a compelling message that entices the reader to visit your shop or website and purchase from your brand. Examples of digital direct marketing services are; targeted email campaigns, lookalike Facebook campaigns, private messaging on Linkedin or Instagram, and the list continues.  There are so many creative and innovative way that direct marketing experts will know to best boost your brand and return on investment to generate more sales. For printed direct marketing services, you can vary the type of paper and printed finish to make a stronger impression on your potential customer.  Printed direct marketing services can take the form of brochures, newsletters, postcards, catalogues and any other type of physical format that drives your brand message and inspires the recipient to buy from you.

4.) How does it benefit my business?

According to a report by Core Media, (2017), the Irish direct marketing industry is worth €75 million a year, because it is such an effective and successful way to market a business service or product.  This figure however, doesn’t include the digital direct marketing services spend so in reality the sector is much larger, and is constantly growing.  This level of marketing investment from top professionals is because direct marketing services are so effective for driving sales. Direct Marketing is a very successful way to reach potential customers as research has shown that over 70% of people will set time aside to read and review direct mail every day, whether it be printed or digital.

5.) Why should I hire Stray Dog to do my Direct Marketing campaigns?

From strategy to data management, creative direction and design to print solutions, combined with compelling digital marketing, Stray Dog delivers direct marketing services with one goal in mind; increasing your return on investment.  Our biggest strength is the experience and expertise of our people to best optimise and drive your business growth and sales revenue. Our creative agency can handle all elements of your direct marketing and can also offer a full range of services to achieve your goals, such as cutting edge graphic design, compelling copy writing, finished artworks, aswell as redesigning and enhancing your overall brand identity.  Contact us today for more details by calling us on 01 5310967 or on our website at We look forward to helping drive your business.