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5 Powerful Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the increasingly digitally-focused marketing arena, businesses tend to overlook the advantages of direct mail marketing. Look: Don’t get us wrong. Digital is great. But the advantages of direct mail marketing prove that it’s still an essential weapon in your marketing arsenal. Here are five reasons why direct mail is still a chief of the marketing world.  

Honing in On Your Target Audience is Easy

One of the main advantages of direct mail marketing is that it’s highly targeted. You can use it to target specific groups of customers with tailored messages. By setting aside some time to figure out the customers who are may need or want your products and services, you can shift your promotional efforts to where they have the best chance of converting.  

Direct Mail Open Rates Are a Joy to Behold

When it comes to open rates, email, for instance, doesn’t stand a chance against direct mail. Think about it: What’s one of the first things you do when you come back from a holiday? You check your post. In fact, 72% of people in Ireland put time aside to read their post every single day. That’s HUGE. It’s the only channel that puts your call-to-action directly into the hands of your target audience.  

The Reader Can Literally Touch Your Brand

This is one of our favourite pros of direct mail. When someone picks up your mail piece and opens it, they’re establishing a physical bond with your brand, something that many other forms of marketing are unable to do. Remember: When someone is thinking about signing up to your offer or buying for your product or service, your mail piece will be the first thing that springs to their mind. So get your creative juices flowing and think about what would work best to invoke curiosity and bring your message to life.  

Analysing Campaign Performance is a Piece of Cake

It’s very simple to determine whether someone has taken up your call-to-action. Just measure the response rate of phone calls, subscriptions or vouchers that you receive back. You’ll then be able figure out whether you’re targeting the right audience in no time. Bada bing, bada boom – no complicated analysis!  

Direct Mail Printing is Wonderfully Cost-Effective

You can can easily design their own eye-catching brochures or flyers, or hire expert direct marketing services to do it for you. You can also have thousands of copies printed affordably by a direct mail printing company. What’s more, you can have smaller quantities sent out as a test just to get a feel for how your message is being received. Then, if your testing phase is indicating that it’s time to kick on with your campaign, you can increase the number of mail pieces as and when you wish.   So now you know the advantages of direct mail advertising. Want to get your message into the hands of your target audience? Stray Dog the creative agency can help. Contact us today!