5 Simple Ways To Combine Your Print And Digital Marketing Campaigns

5 Top Tips To Combine Print And Digital Marketing Campaigns

To the digitally dedicated, the notion of print marketing might seem a little too old school for their liking.


Well, here’s the deal: print is far from dead.


As Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi quipped in 2012, print has become the new non-traditional marketing strategy.


In this post we’re going to outline five simple ways you can fuse print and digital marketing campaigns and achieve powerful results.


Adding Value to Your Marketing Campaign By Combining Print and Digital Media

  1. Use QR Codes And Personalised URLs To Track Media Crossover

Get creative with QR codes and personalised URLs! Because consumers are scanning the codes or entering the URLs on their mobile devices at the same time they are engaging with your print media, you can drive traffic to your online campaigns AND dig up some rather interesting inisights. E.g. When and where they are engaging with your printed material.

  1. Harness The Power of Social Media

Social media is the best digital tool at your disposal when it comes to reaching a large audience in a short period of time. Fostered a healthy social media following already? Then it’s the perfect ready-made catalyst to launch your print marketing campaign. Not only is social extremely effective for shifting traffic from print to digital, it can also be exploited to push traffic the other way.

  1. Use Call-To-Actions To Drive Traffic From Print To Digital

A lot of printed marketing material tends to be designed primarily to spread the word of a product or service, or raise brand awareness. By utilising call-to-actions in your print marketing material that encourages your audience to visit your social outlets or website for further information, you can use your printed materials to easily drive more traffic online.

  1. Synchronise Strategies And Departments

One of the main hurdles in fusing print and digital marketing is actually in internal synchronisation. It’s crucial to allow the sharing of data across teams and departments so you can see the full picture – this way you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

  1. Always Seek Out Feedback

One of the problems with the crossover from print to digital is in accessing meaningful insights. Sure, it’s bread and butter stuff, but asking consumers what promoted them to visit your website, social media page or pick up the phone is always a good place to start. Finding that people aren’t too keen on giving up 30 seconds of their time? Try dangling the carrot by offering deals, discounts or competitions.

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Combining your print and digital marketing campaigns requires a winning formula. One that carefully considers cross-platform behaviour and engagement as well as the role each channel plays within the various touchpoints in your customers’ journey.


As a state-of-the-art Dublin creative agency, we have the know-how to create great work that works, whatever the platform. Why not find out how Stray Dog can help bring your print and digital marketing campaigns to life – simply get in touch today to arrange a free consultation!