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9 Key Components of a Brand Explained

Graphic design companies play a prominent role in launching or repositioning a company’s brand identity or image. Each and every company has a unique brand image in the minds of its audience which is comprised of at least nine other components besides the graphic look. So what exactly are the nine components of a brand and what do they refer to?  

Components of a Brand

Values. Do you stand for a can-do attitude, like Nike? Happiness, like Coca-Cola? Innovation, like Dyson? Stimulation, like Starbucks? Values are one of the most important components of a brand, so choose them wisely. Personality. If it were someone in a school yearbook, would you be the class clown or the most likely to succeed? From the brand’s personality can flow everything from ad campaigns to company colours and typefaces. Behaviour. This isn’t just how you promote yourselves, but also how you act toward customers. Things like how you answer the phone and how you greet shoppers all become bound up in one composite image. Price. How much you cost in comparison to competitors often becomes part of your image. When you’re up-front about pricing, you cut down on the ‘tire-kicker’, so consider how your pricing fits with the other components of your image. Range. Customers should understand the spectrum of products and services that you sell. If it’s not part of your name or slogan, include your focus in your ads, brochures, sales letters and other promotional pieces. Geographical roots. Where was your company born? If you’re a locally-owned family business competing with multinational giants, make sure people know. If you’re selling nationally but rooted in a picturesque corner of the country, make hay out of that. Longevity. Guinness cleverly uses ‘Estd. 1759’ in its logo. Whenever you’ve been around much longer than competitors, you can profitably incorporate that into your brand image. Slogan. Which car is ‘the ultimate driving machine’? What product are you not supposed to ‘leave home without’? Even local or specialised companies can achieve this kind of awareness with their clientele. Benefits. What do buyers get when they purchase from you? Most companies provide intangible, emotional benefits (e.g. Volvo cars: safety) as well as tangible, practical ones (Burger King: inexpensive, satisfying meal).   When both you and those who buy from you know clearly what these benefits are, and when those benefits match the other components of a brand listed above, you unquestionably have a comprehensive, effective brand.   Looking for more great tips on getting your brand in tip-top shape? Get in touch with Stray Dog creative agency Dublin today to see what we can do for your brand.