Creative Design Services: Here are 3 great tips to make your project pop!

Creative Design Services: 3 Tips To Make Your Project Pop!

A creative design services company will do a lot more than put some ink on the page. If it was that simple there wouldn’t be an entire industry built around it.

Here’s a new way to approach whatever print project you’re about to embark on: It isn’t just a piece of paper with some text that you’re creating… it’s an entirely new object!

Thinking of it this way can open up your imagination to a whole new world of possibilities.

After all, there’s a lot more to design than 2-dimensions.

Look at our guide creative design services guide and you’ll be ready to start thinking outside the box…

3 Ways Creative Design Services Can Make Your Print Project Pop

1. Don’t be a square – Make your design a custom shape.

The rectangle is the most tried and trusted form of print media.

Whether it’s A4 or A5, the most basic shape of paper has been used in everything from brochures to leaflets.

There’s good reason for this. Sometimes it does exactly what you need it to.

But when you’re looking to print an original piece of work, consider making a custom shape for it.

It’s a very simple way to make something unique, and with the help of a talented creative design services team, it will really stand out from the crowd.

2. Put a hole in it.

Paper doesn’t just offer you the option of two sides… it can also be layered, folded, and turned into an ideal bit of packaging.

You can also cut out sections of it to create playful designs ideal for greetings cards and packaging.

A custom designed window can be used to hint at a joke, or even offer a sneak preview of your product to entice a customer into purchasing it.

You only need to look at a creative design services website portfolio to see the range of possibilities.

3. Think about where your design will be seen.

Professional print work doesn’t just take the basic design into account.

It also has to be optimized for where exactly it is going to be seen.

A bus stop poster, for example, might have the option of backlighting to make certain areas of the artwork stand out.

Or a case of spirits could benefit from the option of brightly coloured packaging to take advantage of a custom lit stand you intend to sell it on.

The size of your prints location and how many people will be passing by or interacting with it, when you work all of these factors into your print work, you can prompt extremely fun and effective ideas that you might never have thought of otherwise.

The thing that can help is working with a creative agency in Dublin. Our staff have come up with some inspiring work in the past, and they’re ready to do the same for you, so make sure to contact us when you want your next print project to pop!