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Property Brochures: 3 Key Design Elements

An Irish summer might be soggy and cold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a little piece of paradise: a property brochure design needs to reflect that.

There are a lot of fragile hopes and dreams that come with purchasing a piece of property, so it’s no great surprise that a potential buyer wants to be ushered through the process as comfortably as possible. Whether they’re a first time home buyer or an upstart group of entrepreneurs looking to expand their business, the experience should be friendly and professional throughout. The worries and concerns that mount before they find the perfect real estate agent should disappear once they pick up your crisply printed property brochure and realise that they’ve found the firm they need to navigate them through all trials and tribulations to come.

Key elements of a property brochure

Here are some key qualities that your property brochures should embody if you want to expand that ever growing list of clients.

Concentrate on the finish line

While the service a real estate agent provides mostly covers everything up until the keys are handed over, it’s the aftermath that the buyer is really looking forward to. In the description of why your firm is the one to choose make sure to highlight that. Photos of contented couples enjoying their first night sat in front of the telly in their freshly painted sitting room. Descriptions of the future that’s ready to sprout and thrive around their feet as they begin their journey onto the property market. It all serves the purpose of creating a warm bubble they’re about to step into, rather than focusing on the stressful decision making that it will take to get there.

Make it friendly

It takes a huge amount of expertise to manoeuvre the constantly changing landscape of the property market. A real estate agent needs to be constantly aware of what’s happening, both financially and legally. To this end, a property brochure has to communicate a professional aesthetic so that the buyer knows their business is being taken seriously. Just don’t forget to frame the service in a friendly and approachable manner. Yes, the firm knows exactly how to meet every possible property need, but they’re not going to sever the buyer from the process. It’s an adventure to be excited about with a well-informed tour guide who’ll be with you all the way.

And finally…

Keep it bold. Keep it simple.

There was a time when sectors of the professional world would attempt to win their clients trust by overloading them with impenetrable information. Times have changed. A property buyer doesn’t need to be introduced to the real estate market with an onslaught of legal forms and disclaimers. They just need to be assured that their property firm of choice has those things under control. Get the prospective clients attention with a bold and simple property brochure design and keep their attention by introducing the kind of team that will make their dreams come true.

The designers at Stray Dog don’t just know these lessons as some disconnected set of rules. They know how to tie them together in an elegant presentation, and work with your brand to create something innovative and fresh to make your property firm stand out in a relentlessly competitive market. Make sure they’re the team you choose when you decide to put your firm over the top.

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