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5 Reasons Why Graphic Design is Important for Any Business

Graphic design is important for any business, but when money is tight, the creative budget is often the go-to place to save a quick euro or two. In an all-too-crowded marketplace with a flurry of rivals all competing for a slice of the marketing cake, the best way to leave your competition in the dust is with expert graphic design services in Dublin. So here are our five top reasons why graphic design is important for any business.

  1. First impressions count.

Clichéd? Possibly. True? Definitely. How your brand looks and how it’s displayed is how it’ll be perceived by potential clients. Business card or brochure, packaging or prospectus, whatever the platform, people will judge a business based on its visual appeal in a matter of seconds. Your product or service might very well be the best thing since sliced bread, but with poor design, no one will stick around long enough to see just why.

  1. Everyone loves a good story.

We’re programmed to share and receive stories. Our sensory cortex lights up when we hear a story that captivates us and it helps listeners find common ground with the storyteller through shared experiences. Your brand story needs to resonate with your audience and answer why your brand exists in the first place. Learning how to master this is a crucial skill, and one that a professional creative design agency in Dublin can help you achieve.

  1. Branding makes your business memorable.

Efficient design provides consistency across every customer-facing platform. A professional design company will use specific colour combinations, typefaces, imagery and tones for every single element. This way, customers have the same experience visiting a website as they do reading its brochure, helping the business become both recognisable and memorable. Consistency conveys professionalism, and professionalism conveys credibility.

  1. Creativity can be a differentiator.

If there’s one thing all businesses have in common, it’s that they all face competition. And when trying to eclipse your rivals, typically you need some key differentiators to set you apart, whether that’s pricing or customer service. But creativity can help a business stand out too. A company’s visual communications strategy serves many purposes, and making the business unique should be front and centre.

  1. Great design converts.

Perhaps the most important reason why graphic design is important for businesses. A brand spanking new website is a great thing to have. A brand spanking new website that tranforms your visits into conversions is even better. An expertly designed website or brochure will direct visitors to take action, whether it’s adding an item to a cart or dialling a phone number. After all, design isn’t just about making things look the part; design should attract, engage and persuade too.

Graphic design is important for business, and getting it right is difficult process. Luckily, we at Stray Dog can help you bring your design vision to life. We’re just a phone call or email away – simply contact us today, and we’ll take it from there.